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H&S Graphic is jumping into the social media bandwagon! We believe in the significant contribution of online communities in the busy and complicated lives of many people all over the world. These online communities provide a venue for people to get together; to share their passions, their pains, their joys…..

H&S Graphic is evolving, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting new venture. The social media phenomenon is a perfect leverage for your business. Your clients are the lifeblood of your business so it makes sense for you to get to know them, to invite them to your inner circle, to network with them socially, albeit online. Share something else with them aside from the things they buy from you. Treat them like friends…. like family.

Imagine those old movies where there is only one merchant in town? Everybody knows everybody else, and the town store is THE place where the townsfolk gather to talk amongst themselves, to catch up or to gush over the latest merchandise on display. H&S Graphic is envisioning YOU as that lone (online) merchant, and YOUR BUSINESS as that (online) GATHERING PLACE.

We will create sort of a “Twittertown” or a “Facebookville” or a “YouTube City” or a “LinkedIn Township” where YOUR BUSINESS is at the center of it all, and your clients are like your “fans” or “friends” if using Facebook, or your “followers” if using Twitter. Mind you, we’re just trying to be cute here, we won’t actually use those nicknames, but we know you get the idea.


Face Book

With Facebook’s estimated 1 billion users by the end of 2012, getting even a fraction of that traffic to “like” or “subscribe” to your Facebook page can only be good for business. Facebook is now running everybody’s profile in Timeline format. Aside from the Profile Picture (your company logo), the “Cover” is the ideal space for a “teaser” collage of your product line. You can use Facebook’s “Events” and “Advertise” as launching pads for your products, with cool capabilities that let you target specific client demographics.

Keeping your Timeline interesting and managing your company’s Facebook friends and subscribers could be a big task, and unless you want to hire somebody to sit in your office just watching your Facebook account all day, H&S Graphic’s Social Media Service is the only way to go. We will of course create a complementary design in your company’s website properly linked to your Facebook account. Talk to us.

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LinkedIn has over 150 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories. It provides the most opportunities for owners of small businesses who are targeting professionals and financially capable users as potential business contacts, those whose ages range from 25 to 54. The average LinkedIn user belongs to $92,000-income households. Some 50% of all LinkedIn users have attended or finished college and are key decision makers in their companies, perfect network contacts for your business. A 2011 statistic said that B2B or business-to-business sites report a dramatic increase from 3% to 20% in sign-ins from LinkedIn users. It would be interesting to know what the figures are at present, but you can be sure it is much higher still. Who would not want to have access to these many potential clients and business contacts? Any savvy business person would! Now these people are on a much easier reach because of LinkedIn, which allows you to carefully study their profile, find a common ground and polish your approach before even making contact.

H&S Graphic Design, Inc. can make you capitalise on the business advantages that having a LinkedIn account offers. We will create an account for you on LinkedIn while the proverbial iron is hot. Get your foot inside the door, so to speak. We would get LinkedIn to work for your business. Ask us about it.

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With 500 million users as of March 2012, Twitter is hardly just an online bulletin board for your product or business. Twitter’s strongest feature is that it lets you “listen” to your market. It lets you know what your customers want and what they don’t. It lets you exchange ideas with your peers and colleagues. It will even let you know what your competitors are doing. Knowing what everyone is talking about is always an advantage.

If the only thing that Twitter does for your business is to make it more accessible to your customers, then it would already have done its job rather nicely. Consider it your very own market intelligence vehicle. H&S Graphic can get your business buzzing with tweets, let’s talk!

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YouTube allows you to create your own channel where you can upload your product videos for your clients to view at their leisure. This manner of advertising is especially effective when you upload compelling, hip and cool videos that can turn viral and exponentially increase viewership potential for your business.

In January of 2012, YouTube hit 4 billion daily views. Can you imagine how much business even a small fraction of that staggering number can generate for you? It is an incredible advertising tool for your business! H&S Graphic would love to explore this marketing venue for your business with you. Contact us and together, we will make it happen!

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One of the fastest-growing social networking sites, Google+ now has 250 million registered users. Tap into this potential captured market by becoming one of them! Your business website can have a direct connection to your Google+ page by simply installing the Google+ button on it. People using search engines can then get a link to your Google+ page directly from their search results, including information on how many people have “+1’d” or “liked” your page.

Immediately, they will know that your website is a popular online destination for your line of business and will be much more compelled to visit instead of clicking on the other results in the search list. What a smart way to drive traffic to your website! H&S Graphic will be glad to build it for you. Please call us and let us walk you through the entire process.

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We cannot over-emphasize the fact that online social networks create endless possibilities for the growth of your business. The common interests of the users in these networks will keep your clients close at hand, they will always know what’s going on with your business, what new products you are launching, what everybody else is buying and so on….. The best part is that your clients are the ones talking about your business amongst them. It will surely minimise if not totally eliminate the need for you to send out paper flyers or expensive brochures through regular mail. The cost savings can be quite significant. Your social network is your best advertisement!

If you don’t already have a social network account for your business, H&S Graphic will be delighted to create and manage it for you, with appropriate designs relevant to your line of business. If you already have a social network account, let us have a look, we might have some very useful recommendations. After all, we are in the business of keeping YOU in business. Contact us for details.