The Difference Between the Print and Web Design Processes

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As a graphic design company with considerable experience in our chosen field, we at H&S Graphic Design, Inc. are well aware of the difference between designing something for the web versus creating something for the printed medium. To help our customers understand how these two types of graphic design jobs differ from each other, here are some knowledge points we are happy to share:

Keeping Your Audience’s Attention

In print media, the attention of the viewer must stay on one page long enough in order to communicate an effective marketing message. To achieve this, textures and shapes can aid in catching then retaining a person’s eyes. However, in online graphic design, where the pages can be unlimited, clear navigation is essential in order to lead visitors through the various sections of the site. For this reason, sounds, interactive buttons, and animations are important elements that a Toronto web designer can include in the website in order to keep a visitor interested. That is why we at H&S Graphic Design, Inc. ensure that the website designs we create for clients incorporate these needed elements to entice Internet users.

Presenting Content in a Great Layout

A clear layout that makes good use of graphic design ideas is a vital component of visual communication. For the printed page, the Toronto graphic designer must work well within the space of a particular medium, which can be as large as a billboard or as small as a business card, to maximise its impact. For web designers in Toronto, however, a consistent look with an easy-to-use navigation is key to make sure people keep using the site. So whether we are creating a website or a card, we make certain that it has the right kind of layout.

Making an Attractive Statement with Colors

The best graphic design utilises colours in the right way, but this can be tricky for the designer. What appears on the screen may look different when printed on paper while various monitors can alter the appearance of hues. So, for both print and web, it is essential to create proofs of the final graphic in order to check that the right blend of shades is reproduced correctly.

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