We at H&S Graphic and Design, Inc. value everything from site web design creation to everything related to graphic design. In short, we create anything that is valuable to market your business. As graphic designers in Toronto, we specifically offer the following services:


Creating a site web design is generally the first thing we know you’ll consider when you want to start introducing your business online. If you want the much needed help for this project, we will be more than willing to extend a hand. We offer a variety of services from basic to complicated web design in Toronto. If you want to take your website to the next level, we can also create animations to give it a boost.

There is one thing we guarantee when it comes to this service. We will deliver not just a website suited for your needs but also a site web design that fits your budget. You may check our Website Portfolio for customised designs. You may also take a look at our Website Packages.

Graphic Design

We have always been lovers of graphic design. In fact, this is the primary reason why we came up with this business. We will be glad to provide you with beautifully-designed graphics created to suit your every business need. We are trusted graphic designers in Toronto who will help you market your business to your consumers. We do this via brand promotion logos, letterheads, business cards and brochures. We also have print advertising for marketing in Toronto.

We are willing to listen to your design ideas and we will incorporate them into graphic designs that you will surely love. Consult us for any of your graphic design needs. Together, we will work on ideas that will help you communicate your ideas to your target market.

Domain Name Registration

We are proud to say that we are a one-stop shop for your online business. We take care of everything including domain registration. Should you be in need of new domain names or host, we will be there to help you with the process. We recognise the fact that every business wants one source for domain name registration. You can certainly trust us with that. We guarantee that you will not have any problems with domain name registration and creation and we will make sure you will buy domain names fit to have a name recall for your business.

We will also help you save whilst you register more domain names through our site. You can contact us for the price list for this specific service.

Logo and Logotype

Logos can either make or break a business – depending on how it is designed. We are proud to say that the business logos we design for you will help you make a good impression to your clients. We have all sorts of company logo designs that will fit the products and services you offer.

Should you have an existing logo and you feel like it is high time to update it, we can also be of help. We will walk you through the process of how we create business logos and get your business noticed. From there, you can also suggest what you think is most effective for your business. We value your suggestions in this process.

For a list of company logo designs, you can check our ‘Portfolio’ section.

Brochure, Catalogue, Flyer,…

Everyday seems to be a marketing day for every business. Once a new product or service comes to mind, it needs to be advertised in the most efficient way. This is where a business brochure, a flyer or catalogue may come in.

We design brochures, flyers and catalogues that will help you market your new as well as existing products and services to clients. We print designs using existing brochure, catalogue or flyer design templates. We create all sorts of advertising design to help you market your business effectively. We will also create a new design that suits your specifications upon your request.

You can proceed to our website portfolio and check our existing print designs or you can also send us your design ideas if you wish to. Together, we will work to create a great advertising campaign for your business.

Poster, Banner,…

Posters, signs and banners are larger representations of your business and your recent product launches. From a simple and small graphic design, we can create a larger and effective marketing tool to provide details about your new product or service.

Aside from product and service launches, we can also create a poster and all other types of signs and banners for your job openings. We can create small yet readable graphic designs, perfect for display in your office’s windowsill. We can also make a poster for your job fair. We have signs and banners for your trade show, conferences and annual general meetings.

If you need more ideas about posters, signs and banners, feel free to give us a call or send us a message. We will get back to you in no time.

Book and Magazine Cover and Page layout

If your main business is selling books and magazines, we have the answers to your cover page and content. We organise book and magazine layout to help you sell these products to other people.

If you think your previous magazine cover was a bore, we will add that certain spice that it lacks at the moment. We will also work on the page layout to make it more attractive to readers. As soon as you launch the books and magazines we have designed, we guarantee that sales profits will be coming your way.

Of course, as we value your patronage for our services, we will make sure that we work according to your specifications. You have the final say in every layout we make.

Video and Audio editing

Are you in need of video and audio editing for a marketing campaign or for a business presentation? We are willing to extend a hand in this endeavour. We know that quality video and audio will create a positive impact to your much-awaited presentation. We want your listeners and viewers to be impressed with the video you have created. If you think there is a problem with your final output, you can bring it to us for editing.

We use special equipment, video edit software and all other editing programs, to erase all those blurs from your videos, those unwanted sight from sceneries you have captured on film and those clattering sounds from the audio’s background. Before you know it, we have finished the project, ready for your much anticipated engagement.

Graphic Advising

We also allow graphic advising for all services provided above. We can help walk you through the process of creating a beautifully-crafted site web design, a compelling graphic design and an attractive logo for your business. You can also ask suggestions regarding power point presentations including tables and diagrams for an industry event. You may also seek our help about how you may make a poster, banner, brochure, flyer and catalogue inviting to the eyes of your target market.

We value the trust you give us by availing of our graphic design advising service. With that, we guarantee you will enjoy our free consultation services in this regard. Just give us a call or send us a message. We will be back answering your concern right away.

We at H&S Graphic and Design, Inc. know what is valuable for every business to prosper. All our services will surely highlight the strengths of your business. As the best graphic designers in Toronto, we ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

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