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Protect your website from security breaches as that could lead to identity theft, email vulnerabilities or spam, malware, spyware and other online scams. Avail of a daily deep 360° scan  for a virus-free website. Display the badge of SiteLock on your site to let visitors know that your website is safe. More visitors convert to more sales! Saving document files is different from a daily back-up. Such will take away the danger of accidentally deleting your website or  any file deletion and unauthorized modifications. Let Just Host do a directories and files backup in the zip archives. Schedule the time of backup in the system for an automated and unattended backups. We could easily restore the previous day’s backup once you request it. Know more about the relevant statistics about your website. It will help you see the relevance and effectiveness of your site’s marketing strategies. Google analytics will show how your visitors arrived at your site, how many pages were viewed and how long a visitor stays on the site. Google analytics will also show bounce rate and show you how to effectively market your site for more conversion.

Website Maintenance

Anti Spam

Keep your website in tip-top shape by availing of our website maintenance services. A “healthy” website  is all part of having a successful site.  We have a dedicated team of qualified IT professionals to do your website’s maintenance work and customer support. We will take care of your website’s host anddomain renewal while you run your website’s business. Blog spam pertaining to spammers posting comments on the blog is  not a huge problem anymore. Protection is  available through us. We will  provide you with standardized anti-spam contact forms to filter blog comments to legitimate remarks from the site’s visitors.
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