Why people take pictures?

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SONY DSCIt is a weird question I know. But maybe I have this chance to face some people that haven’t thought about a picture like what they are going to read in this article. Picture, in general views, can be interpreted as an image which can be used to register a moment. From the first time that human tried to do photography back in 1826, until now, this industry has received significant improvements along sciences. People use different appliances such as their cell phones, digital cameras or really professional gears to register this moment. But why should people do that? Or saying differently, what is the philosophy of taking a picture?

Freezing the time

We are more than 7 billion people on earth! Each of us can have a different opinion or reason to take a picture. But our confluence of ideas can be stopping the time in a frame! Yes. We would love to keep our moments like when we marry and have our first child… or maybe our great time at a picnic.

Camera, in any type, has become a good friend of ours who hold our happiness, sadness, silliness or in the deeper aspects, we feel no shy to laugh loud, cry or make faces! Even some people prefer to take a picture instead of recording a video as well as keeping a bunch of memorable frames on the walls. Remembering loved ones who have passed away or are far,  Gathering of friends in young hood time or maybe newly born grandchild that can be a part of these pictures. We would like to prove that we exist..


Beauty of Love

Some of us have this passion in taking pictures. It can be started in childhood with a really old manual film camera and you find yourself this inspiration to continue taking pictures. You’d love every single second of it. Your camera is your best friend right away. You go everywhere together and having fun for adjusting the light, taking pictures of a bee or your little sister who is trying to walk for the first time.

In other words, you love the beauty and details. It doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. It can be capturing an eye with thousands of meanings, an empty bench in a sunset or a beautiful smile. You love finding everything beautiful and that’s the moment which you connect to your senses and emotions.

Some other reasons!

SONY DSCOh and some people like to take pictures because they want to do it or:

  • Gratifying their curiosity
  • Feeling the pleasure of knowing how people think about their pictures
  • Sharing their experiences with others
  • Keeping and documenting an event
  • Fear of death, or
  • Finding a new angle of something to capture

I am sure that these reasons can go on and on and hope you help me to develop this article by leaving me your comments. I myself love taking pictures because it feels so relaxing to me and wonder me how much sensation I can create in a single picture.


p.s: Pictures used in this article are taken by me and I will be glad if you check my photography website as well. Thanks


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